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Pdf Library for .NET

PdfPrinter Properties

The PdfPrinter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColorSpace
The color space of the rasterized pdf pages. Default value is RGB.
Public propertyCustomScalePercentage
Percentage for custom content scaling. This value is taken into account only when PageSizing is set to CustomScale. Default value is 100.
Public propertyDocumentInformation
PDF document information. This property is populated after the requested operation (GetText, GetHtml, etc) is finished.
(Inherited from PdfTool.)
Public propertyDocumentName
Gets or sets the document name to display (for example, in a print status dialog box or printer queue) while printing the document.
Public propertyEndPageNumber
The page number where the current operation will end on the PDF file. The default value is 0 which means that all the PDF document is processed starting from the StartPageNumber page.
(Inherited from PdfTool.)
Public propertyPageOrientation
Defines printed page orientation. The default value is Auto and the page orientation is automatically determined.
Public propertyPageSettings
Access printed page settings.
Public propertyPageSizing
Defines the page sizing for printing. The default value is Fit and the content is resized to cover the paper as much as possible.
Public propertyPrinterSettings
Access printer settings.
Public propertyResolution
The resolution of the rasterized pdf pages in DPI. Default value is 300.
Public propertyShowPrintProgress
Display print progress window. Default value is False and the PDF document is silently printed.
Public propertyStartPageNumber
The page number from where the current operation will start on the PDF file. The default value is 1 which means that the operation will start from the first page.
(Inherited from PdfTool.)
Public propertyTimeout
Timeout in seconds for the current operation. Default value is 600 seconds.
(Inherited from PdfTool.)
Public propertyUserPassword
The user password to be used to open the PDF document for reading. The default value is null, which means that no password will be used to open the PDF document.
(Inherited from PdfTool.)
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