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Pdf Library for .NET

PdfDocumentSecurity Class

This class provides the options to control the pdf document security.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SelectPdf
Assembly:  Select.HtmlToPdf (in Select.HtmlToPdf.dll) Version: 23.1
public class PdfDocumentSecurity

The PdfDocumentSecurity type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanAccessibilityCopyContent
Allows copying page accessibility contents such as text and images.
Public propertyCanAssembleDocument
Allows inserting, rotating or deleting pages or bookmarks.
Public propertyCanCopyContent
Allows copying page contents such as text and images.
Public propertyCanEditAnnotations
Allows document annotations editing.
Public propertyCanEditContent
Allows modifying document content.
Public propertyCanFillFormFields
Allows filling in form fields.
Public propertyCanPrint
Allows printing.
Public propertyOwnerPassword
Sets or gets the owner password.
Public propertyUserPassword
Gets or sets the user password.
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