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Pdf Library for .NET

PdfPage Class

Represents a page in a pdf document.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SelectPdf
Assembly:  Select.HtmlToPdf (in Select.HtmlToPdf.dll) Version: 23.1
public class PdfPage : PdfCanvas

The PdfPage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClientRectangle
Gets the drawable area of the canvas. The margins, pdf document header and footer are excluded.
(Inherited from PdfCanvas.)
Public propertyCustomFooter
Represents the custom footer template for the pdf page.
Public propertyCustomHeader
Represents the custom header template for the pdf page.
Public propertyDisplayFooter
Controls if a custom footer is displayed in the current pdf page.
Public propertyDisplayHeader
Controls if a custom header is displayed in the current pdf page.
Public propertyDocument
The parent pdf document of the current page.
Public propertyMargins
Gets the pdf page margins.
Public propertyOrientation
Pdf page orientation.
Public propertyPageIndex
The index of the current page in the pdf pages collection.
Public propertyPageSize
Gets the pdf page size in points.
Public propertyRotation
Pdf page rotation.
Public methodAdd
Adds the specified pdf element to the current page.
(Overrides PdfCanvasAdd(PdfPageElement).)
Public methodMeasureString
Measures the size of the specified string when rendered with the specified font.
(Inherited from PdfCanvas.)
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