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Pdf Library for .NET


To deploy a project that uses SelectPdf, 3 files need to be deployed: Select.Pdf.dll, Select.Html.dep, Select.Tools.dep. There are no additional setups or configurations needed either on your server or your client's machine.

If Blink rendering engine is used (only works with the .NET Core version and with .NET Framework 4.6.1 or above), Blink binaries (full Chromium folder) also need to be deployed.

Important note Important

Full trust is required on the deployment machine. SelectPdf makes numerous native API calls, thus it requires full trust to run.

GAC Installation

If you plan to install Select.Pdf into GAC, the only dll that needs to be added to GAC is Select.Pdf.dll. The related files (Select.Html.dep and Select.Tools.dep) will be automatically copied to GAC as linked resources, so no additional action is needed for them.

Deployment to a Shared Hosting Environment

If you plan to deploy Select.Pdf to a shared hosting environment, please check with your hosting company whether they support full trust. SelectPdf makes numerous native API calls, thus it requires full trust to run. If your hosting company cannot grant full trust to your site, you may need to consider moving your site to a dedicated or virtual server.

Deployment to Windows Azure

If you plan to deploy SelectPdf to Windows Azure, make sure you deploy to a Cloud Service or a Virtual Machine. Due to some security restrictions, SelectPdf does not support Windows Azure WebSite execution mode. To resolve the issue, you can either deploy your site to a Cloud Service or a Virtual Machine, or isolate the PDF related feature into a separate Web Service that runs on a different server (either on a Windows Azure Cloud Service/Virtual Machine, or a dedicated server hosted elsewhere), then call the web service from your Windows Azure WebSite.

Update: Starting with version 18.3, SelectPdf supports Microsoft Azure Web Apps (Basic plan or above) with some limitations. More details here: Deployment to Microsoft Azure.

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