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Pdf Library for .NET

Licensing Select.Pdf Library

Acquiring a license

SelectPdf Library for .NET is provided as a free trial product that can be tested without any limitations for 30 days.

The free trial is fully functional, but without a license key, an watermark will be displayed in each page of the pdf documents generated with the library. A license key is need to unlock the product and remove the demo watermark.

A license key can be purchased from the product website:

Take a look at the End User License Agreement for licensing details.

Applying the license key

Once the license is purchased, a license key is delivered by email.

If you previously used the Community Edition for tests, you need to download and link to the full SelectPdf commercial library.

If you used the free trial of the commercial library for tests, there is no need to download another version of the product, as the free trial is a full version. To unlock the product, the license key needs to be set in code, using the LicenseKey property of the GlobalProperties class:

// sample license key setting
SelectPdf.GlobalProperties.LicenseKey = "your-license-key";

Do not forget to replace your-license-key with the actual license key received by email when the order is processed.

Important note Important

If the LicenseKey property cannot be found in GlobalProperties class, make sure that you use the full SelectPdf Commercial Library (reference to Select.Pdf.dll in your project) and not SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter Community Edition (reference to Select.HtmlToPdf.dll in your project).

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