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Pdf Library for .NET

Select.Pdf can be downloaded from the product site:

Select.Pdf is shipped as a product archive with the following structure:


Contains the assemblies and related files needed by SelectPdf Library for .NET.

Select.Pdf Library is shipped with different versions for CLR 2.0 (.NET 2.0, 3.5) and for CLR 4.0 (.NET 4.0 and above).


Contains the product documentation in CHM format.


Contains C# and VB.NET samples that show how to use most of the features the library provides.

Project Setup

To use SelectPdf in a .NET project, a reference needs to be added to Select.Pdf.dll. Two additional files are also required: Select.Html.dep used by the html to pdf converter and Select.Tools.dep used by the pdf to text and pdf to image converter. These files need to be copied into the bin folder of the application, next to Select.Pdf.dll. Alternatively, the path to Select.Html.dep can be specified using the HtmlEngineFullPath property of the GlobalProperties class. The path to Select.Tools.dep can be specified using the PdfToolsFullPath property of the GlobalProperties class.

Important note Important

If any of the properties HtmlEngineFullPath or PdfToolsFullPath of the GlobalProperties class is used, do not forget to include the full file name (Select.Html.dep or Select.Tools.dep) with it.

GAC Installation

If SelectPdf needs to be installed into GAC, the only dll that has to to be added to GAC is Select.Pdf.dll. The related files (Select.Html.dep and Select.Tools.dep) will be automatically copied to GAC as linked resources, so no additional action is needed for them.

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