SelectPdf Free Html To Pdf Converter for .NET - Community Edition - VB.NET / ASP.NET Samples

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET is a powerful component that can generate pdf documents from web pages and html code in .NET Framework applications. SelectPdf does not have any 3rd party dependencies and does not need users to install Adobe software to be able to create PDF documents.

Html to Pdf Converter Samples


This Community Edition of SelectPdf IS NOT THE FREE TRIAL for SelectPdf Commercial Library. This is a FREE product with limited functionality. If you want to try the full featured SelectPdf Library, download a free trial version from here:

The following features are not part of the free community edition. To use any of these features you need the full commercial SelectPdf Library for .NET:

- Create PDF documents with more than 5 pages.
- Convert only a certain section of the page, specified by the html element ID.
- Manually start the conversion to PDF from javascript.
- Specify a JS startup script that will run before the conversion.
- Hide parts of the web page during the html to pdf conversion.
- Load and modify existing PDF documents.
- Add additional HTML, text, images to PDF (using PdfHtmlElement, PdfTextElement, PdfImageElement objects).
- Get web elements location in PDF.
- Specify the open action of the PDF document (jump to page, run script).
- Custom headers and footers on specific PDF pages.
- Form fields filling.
- PDF portfolios management.
- Resize/scale content of existing PDF documents.
- Extract text from PDF (PDF to Text converter).
- Search for text in PDF.
- Convert PDF pages to images (PDF to Image converter).