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Pdf Library for .NET

HtmlToPdfPageFitMode Enumeration

Specifies how the html content is rendered in a pdf page.

Namespace:  SelectPdf
Assembly:  Select.HtmlToPdf (in Select.HtmlToPdf.dll) Version: 24.1
public enum HtmlToPdfPageFitMode
  Member nameValueDescription
NoAdjustment0 The html content is rendered as it is. No size adjustments are performed, even though the destination space might be smaller than needed.
ShrinkOnly1 The html content is shrunk if necessary to fit the available destination space. This option does not expand the content if it's smaller than the available space.
AutoFit2 The html content is automatically adjusted to fit the entire available space. Unlike ShrinkOnly, the content can be either shrunk or stretched.
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