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Pdf Library for .NET

PdfFontType Enumeration

The list of supported fonts for the header and footer

Namespace:  SelectPdf
Assembly:  Select.HtmlToPdf (in Select.HtmlToPdf.dll) Version: 23.1
public enum PdfFontType
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 None
Helvetica1 Helvetica
HelveticaBold2 HelveticaBold
HelveticaOblique3 HelveticaOblique
HelvetivaBoldOblique4 HelvetivaBoldOblique
Courier5 Courier
CourierBold6 CourierBold
CourierOblique7 CourierOblique
CourierBoldOblique8 CourierBoldOblique
TimesRoman9 TimesRoman
TimesBold10 TimesBold
TimesBoldItalic11 TimesBoldItalic
TimesItalic12 TimesItalic
Symbol13 Symbol
ZapfDingbats14 ZapfDingbats
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