HTML To PDF Online REST API v2 released

selectpdfSelectPdf releases v2 of the HTML To PDF Online REST API. SelectPdf HTML To PDF Online REST API is a professional solution that lets you create PDF from web pages and raw HTML code in your applications. The API is easy to use and the integration takes only a few lines of code.

Our HTML to PDF REST API platform will work with both desktops and mobile devices, no matter what OS you are using. Your apps can access any of our PDF converter features from desktops, servers or mobile devices. No changes are required to your server infrastructure. No software installation is needed. Choose from our pricing model based on your PDF Conversion needs.

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New feature for the online html to pdf converter – use CSS print media type

New html to pdf converter online featureA new feature was added to the online html to pdf converter: the possibility to use the page ‘print’ CSS media type (instead of the default ‘screen’ media type).

To use the feature with our html to pdf converter online, in our homepage, click on the ‘Options’ link and check the box ‘Use CSS media type Print’.

The same feature is now available in our Html to Pdf Online API and also in the Save as Pdf free service using the use_css_print option.

SelectPdf Library for .NET – 2015 vol 2

selectpdfSelect.Pdf Library for .NET – 2015 Vol 2 has just been released. Together with the full featured pdf library, the community edition of our SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET v1.2 was also released.

The release contains a lot of bug fixes and speed improvements.
The 2 products can be downloaded from our website or via NuGet.

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How to fix: Conversion failure. Could not find ‘Select.Html.dep’.

(Updated in December 2016).

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter needs 2 files to work. They are different for the 2 versions that we offer:

Select.Pdf Library for .NET – Commercial Edition

Select.Pdf for .NET requires the .NET assembly Select.Pdf.dll and if the html to converter is used, an additional file called Select.Html.dep. This file, because it does not have a reference in the project, might not get copied to the deployment destination. To fix the problem, copy Select.Html.dep manually. More details about this here:

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter – Community Edition

SelectPdf Html To Pdf converter requires 2 files to work: the .NET assembly Select.HtmlToPdf.dll and an additional file called Select.Html.dep. This file, because it does not have a reference in the project, might not get copied to the deployment destination. To fix the problem, copy Select.Html.dep manually. More details about this here:

IMPORTANT: If you are setting the full path to Select.Html.dep in code using the HtmlEngineFullPath property of the GlobalProperties class, do not forget to include the file name (Select.Html.dep) with the path.

UPDATE (December 2016):

There are special cases that need to be taken into account when deploying applications that use SelectPdf and you get the “Conversion failure. Could not find ‘Select.Html.dep'” error. One is related to One Click deployments (Publish…) from Visual Studio.

To be sure that Select.Html.dep is deployed, add it into the project as a regular file and set the ‘Build Action’ to ‘Content’ and ‘Copy to Output Directory’ to ‘Copy Always’. Rebuild and redeploy your project (make sure that Select.Html.dep.deploy exists in the deployment folder).

Benefits of Using a HTML to PDF Converter

pdf converterPeople need to access web pages on a regular basis. There are some pages which you may want to refer to on a daily basis. Going to the web page all the time may not make sense. If you have to use it daily, it makes sense to save it in the form of a document which you can access from your phone or laptop whenever you want. The best format to save it is in PDF. The biggest advantage of the PDF format is that it can be made secure by using password protection. You can check the document whenever you want without any restriction. For this, you need to get the web pages converted into the PDF format. This can best be done by making use of the HTML to PDF converter. When you search online, you will come across many converters from which you can opt for one which is quite popular and used by many people.

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Convert Complex Files from HTML to PDF with an Online Convertor

SelectPdfInternet serves as a place wherein people of all spheres come and gather. It is a hub of knowledge wherein an individual gets access to all the important information. Rarely does it disappoint anyone who is looking for product or service related knowledge. There is no denying the fact that business today thrives on the web. It can be said that even the biggest brands cannot survive without sharing data with its competitors or with its associates. This necessitates the requirement of a portable document that works universally on all the systems without causing issues. Every individual whether working professionals or personal users cater to document formats that are portable and easily managed. As a professional convertor company, I understand the need had to preserve valuable data in a reliable and efficient way. For any business this is a globally accepted file format. Many people take this as the go-to medium of storing and sharing data. Html to PDF convertor plays a key role here, facilitating faster and cost effective conversions.

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HTML to PDF Online Converter – An Easy Application for Handling Office Documents

I am a proud executive of an online converter that helps people to convert their HTML documents into PDF very conveniently. Our wonderful professional journey took off when we observed consumers complaining about the conversion software available for the purpose. Many found it very difficult to work on an HTML file without converting it. Conversion of these files was highly necessary for storage and reference. Our research team found several converters with heavy installing process which eventually lowered the speed of user systems. Surveys conducted to rate their performances had far from positive outcomes. All of this led us to create our own version of the HTML to PDF converter that took less time in terms of installation and out of which users would derive more productive results. After conducting a thorough market study of the features applicable in this respect, we departed from the conventional to implement unique features to attract users to buy our product. With functions suited to support any individual or enterprise in business set ups, the product was ready to experience tough competition from its contenders on field.

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Convert any Website to PDF Online with a Free Pdf Converter

selectpdfSelectPdf has announced the launch of SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter Online, a powerful online service for easy and quick conversion of any web page to PDF: Its top advantages are the quality of the generated pdf documents, the speed and the simplicity. The user only needs to enter the web page URL and click on “Convert to PDF” button. In a few seconds, a pdf document that looks exactly like the original web page is created. And this, completely free of charge.

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Free Html To Pdf Converter for .NET

Converting from html to pdf in .NET is not an easy task. Web pages can be very complex and the pdf format is not easy to understand. There are some tools that can do that, but most of them cost thousands of dollars. SelectPdf decided to help the developers community and released SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET – Community Edition.

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET Community Edition is a free subset of Select.Pdf for .NET, a powerful pdf library for .NET. The free html to pdf converter contains most of the features SelectPdf library offers, the only notable limitation being the possibility to generate pdf documents up to 5 pages only.

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