SelectPdf for .NET Library Pricing

Take advantage of the current price offer, available only for a limited period of time!

Single Developer License – $499 – Buy now
(1 developer, 1 deployment machine)

Single Developer OEM License – $799 – Buy now
(1 developer, unlimited deployment machines)

5-Developers License – $799 – Buy now
(up to 5 developers, up to 10 deployment machines)

5-Developers OEM License – $1,099 – Buy now
(up to 5 developers, unlimited deployment machines)

Enterprise License – $1,199 – Buy now
(unlimited developers, up to 100 deployment machines)

Enterprise OEM License – $1,599 – Buy now
(unlimited developers, unlimited deployment machines)

SelectPdf Online HTML to PDF API – Monthly Plans and Pricing

Entry Level Monthly: $19 USD/month (includes 2,000 conversions) – Buy now
Standard Level Monthly: $29 USD/month (includes 5,000 conversions) – Buy now
Advanced Level Monthly: $59 USD/month (includes 20,000 conversions) – Buy now
Premium Level Monthly: $119 USD/month (includes 50,000 conversions) – Buy now
Ultra Level Monthly: $229 USD/month (includes 100,000 conversions) – Buy now
Dedicated Level Monthly: $449 USD/month (includes unlimited conversions) – Buy now

SelectPdf Online HTML to PDF API – Annual Plans and Pricing

Get 2 months free of SelectPdf Online REST API with every annual plan.

Entry Level Annual: $190 USD/year (includes 2,000 conversions/month) – Buy now
Standard Level Annual: $290 USD/year (includes 5,000 conversions/month) – Buy now
Advanced Level Annual: $590 USD/year (includes 20,000 conversions/month) – Buy now
Premium Level Annual: $1,190 USD/year (includes 50,000 conversions/month) – Buy now
Ultra Level Annual: $2,290 USD/year (includes 100,000 conversions/month) – Buy now
Dedicated Level Annual: $4,490 USD/year (includes unlimited conversions/month) – Buy now


– Prices are in USD and do not include taxes (like VAT).
– Each .NET library license includes 1 year maintenance plan (upgrades and support). If you would like to purchase a license that includes more than 1 year maintenance plan, please contact us for a quotation.
– After 1 year, the maintenance plan for the .NET library may be renewed with a 40% discount off the initial license price (if renewed before the maintenance plan expiration) or with a 20% discount off the initial license price (if renewed after the maintenance plan expiration). Please contact us for details.