HTML to PDF Online Converter – An Easy Application for Handling Office Documents

I am a proud executive of an online converter that helps people to convert their HTML documents into PDF very conveniently. Our wonderful professional journey took off when we observed consumers complaining about the conversion software available for the purpose. Many found it very difficult to work on an HTML file without converting it. Conversion of these files was highly necessary for storage and reference. Our research team found several converters with heavy installing process which eventually lowered the speed of user systems. Surveys conducted to rate their performances had far from positive outcomes. All of this led us to create our own version of the HTML to PDF converter that took less time in terms of installation and out of which users would derive more productive results. After conducting a thorough market study of the features applicable in this respect, we departed from the conventional to implement unique features to attract users to buy our product. With functions suited to support any individual or enterprise in business set ups, the product was ready to experience tough competition from its contenders on field.

My team and I were thoroughly pleased about the product that finally shaped up in the end. From the beginning, our aim was to create an application that was user friendly. Our current product requires the user to enter the URL of their website or the coding of the html page. The actual conversion process is automated and hardly takes any time.
It was a moment of pride for us when we launched the product in the market, for we had to our credit an online conversion tool of html to pdf devised with innumerable optional features for business users to implement on the go. It offered various methods to generate, load, merge, or split the documents and add elements to new or existing files. Some of the other features of the conversion tool are listed below:

  • Helps convert raw html string to pdf
  • Set pdf file properties and viewer preferences
  • Helps convert multiple web pages into same pdf file
  • Support for HTTP headers and cookies
  • Supports proxy servers
  • Supports multithreading

The online conversion tool uses our pdf library for .Net. This library helps people in creating, writing, editing, handling and reading the PDF documents without any external need in applications of .Net. It includes the application of well-off abilities to create new pdf files from the scratch or enhance the already existing file through .Net. Some of the general features of the PDF Library for .Net are as follows:

  • Set properties and security settings of PDF files
  • Set size, orientation, margins, as page settings
  • Supports text, image, html, shape, link, bookmarks as PDF elements
  • Supports PDF templates to repeat on all pages of the PDF document
  • Allows file compressing
  • Support for PDF/A and PDF/X standards of file

This application really works well as it is easy to use with lots of features altogether. It is an impeccable tool offering great value for money. I would definitely like to recommend it to those who feel the need to handle work related documents with better efficacy.