SelectPdf Library for .NET – 2016 vol 4

selectpdfSelect.Pdf Library for .NET – 2016 Vol 4 has just been released. Together with the full featured pdf library, the community edition of our SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET v2.4 was also released.

The release contains a lot of speed improvements and bug fixes (svg rendering improvements, web fonts rendering improvements, right to left texts bug fix).
The 2 products can be downloaded from our website or via NuGet.

Select.Pdf for .NET – 2016 Vol 4
– Download:
– NuGet package:

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET Community Edition – v2.4
– Download:
– NuGet package:

Starting with this version, SelectPdf also offers an optimized version of the PDF library for x64 systems.
– Download assemblies: SelectPdf Assemblies for x86 and x64 systems
– NuGet package for x64 version:

For more details about our html to pdf converter or any other feature related to our pdf library for .NET, do not hesitate to contact us.