SelectPdf Online REST API – .NET Client Library (C# and VB.NET)

SelectPdf online REST API .NET clientSelectPdf Online REST API is a platform independent PDF manipulation API. SelectPdf REST API is cloud based and it can be used with any language: .NET (C# or VB.NET), Java, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Node.js, Perl and many more. We are presenting today the dedicated .NET client library for SelectPdf API.

Using the SelectPdf Online REST API .NET client library you can easily take advance of the API features offered by SelectPdf:

HTML to PDF REST API – SelectPdf HTML To PDF Online REST API is a professional solution that lets you create PDF from web pages and raw HTML code in your applications.

PDF to TEXT REST API – SelectPdf Pdf To Text REST API is an online solution that lets you extract text from your PDF documents or search your PDF document for certain words.

PDF Merge REST API – SelectPdf Pdf Merge REST API is an online solution that lets you merge local or remote PDFs into a final PDF document.

All these APIs can be easily integrated with .NET using the dedicated client library, that can be used with .NET Framework 2.0 and above, .NET Core 2.1 and above, .NET 5, .NET 6, etc.


Install SelectPdf .NET Client for Online API via Nuget: SelectPdf API on Nuget.

Install-Package SelectPdf.Api -Version 1.4.0


Download, unzip it and add a reference to SelectPdf.Api.dll to your project.


Clone selectpdf-api-dotnet-client from Github and install the library.

git clone
cd selectpdf-api-dotnet-client

Get a trial key for SelectPdf online REST API

Once the library is installed, you need a key to be able to access the API.

The free trial key for the online API is valid for 7 days and it includes 200 conversions.

Sample Code

The .NET client library makes accessing SelectPdf online REST API very easy. Here are a few samples that present the main features of the API. For details and full list of parameters access the SelectPdf API .NET Client Documentation or the individual pages of the APIs: HTML to PDF API or PDF to TEXT API or PDF Merge API.

Convert HTML to PDF in .NET

The following sample shows the main features of the HTML To PDF API. Comment/uncomment code to convert an url to file or memory or also convert raw HTML to file or memory.

Convert HTML to PDF with custom header/footer in .NET

The following sample shows how to convert a web page to PDF and also setting a custom header or footer.

Extract text from PDF in .NET

The following sample shows how to extract the text from a PDF document using SelectPdf API. Comment/uncomment code to convert a local PDF or a PDF from a remote url to file or memory.

Search for text in PDF using .NET

The following sample shows how to search a PDF document for a specific text.

Merge PDFs using .NET

The following sample shows how merge several PDF documents into a final file. The source PDFs can be local files or PDFs from remote urls. The final PDF can be retrieved in memory or saved to a local file.

The above .NET samples can also be found in GitHub repository in the following versions: C# Samples or VB.NET Samples.