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SelectPdf Online REST API – Java Client Library

SelectPdf Online REST API is a platform independent PDF manipulation API. SelectPdf REST API is cloud based and it can be used with any language: .NET (C# or VB.NET), Java, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Node.js, Perl and many more. We are presenting today the dedicated Java client library for SelectPdf API.

SelectPdf Java client library can be used to take advance of the features offered by SelectPdf Online REST API:

HTML to PDF REST API – Use SelectPdf HTML To PDF Online REST API to generate PDF documents from web page urls or raw HTML code.

PDF to TEXT REST API – SelectPdf Pdf To Text REST API is a cloud based solution that can be used to extract text from PDF documents or search PDF documents for specific words.

PDF Merge REST API – SelectPdf Pdf Merge REST API is an online solution that can be used to merge local or remote PDFs into a final PDF document.

All these APIs can be easily integrated with Java code and applications using the dedicated client library.
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