What SelectPdf product should I use to convert from HTML to PDF?

Recently, we had several customers asking: “What product should I use?” or “I am confused. Do I need the API or the .NET component?” or “Where are the conversions performed: on our website or on yours?”.

To answer these questions, we have created this blog post. Here are the details:

We have 2 different types of products:

1. Online REST API. The conversions are performed through our website (you call the API, we perform the conversion and return the result). This can be used from any platform and programming language using REST API calls. The free trial for the online API has no functional limitations. It is only limited in time (7 days).

More details about the HTML to PDF Online REST API (including samples in several programming languages): https://selectpdf.com/html-to-pdf-api/

2. .NET Library. This is a regular .NET component that you can download and use in your Microsoft .NET products. The conversions are performed on your server. The component does not connect to our website in any way. For the .NET component, we have 2 products:

a) Full commercial PDF library: https://selectpdf.com/pdf-library-for-net/. For this we have a full featured 1 month free trial.

b) Free community edition: https://selectpdf.com/community-edition/. This is free to use forever (for both personal and commercial applications). It has some limitations (less features than the full commercial library), the most important being the fact that the html to pdf conversion is limited to 5-6 pages.

Feel free to contact us if you need more clarifications about SelectPdf products.